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Plant And Animal Morphology
- Oct 22, 2018 -

1. Chinese honeybee, bee colony consists of worker bees, queen bees and drones. The worker bees are all yellow-brown hair. The head is slightly triangular. 3 sections of the chest. 2 pairs of wings, the membrane is transparent. 3 pairs of feet, there is a structure for collecting pollen. The abdomen is conical, with venomous glands and sputum needles. There are 4 pairs of wax plates under the abdomen, which have wax glands and secrete wax. The queen of the bee is the largest, the wings are short, the abdomen is special, the genitals are developed, and the genital spawning is specialized. The drone is slightly larger than the worker bee, the head is spherical, the tail is free of venom glands and sputum needles, and there is no pollen structure on the foot, and there is no wax plate and wax gland in the abdomen.

2. Italian honey bees, which resemble Chinese honeybees, but are larger.

Attached: Apis cerana Fabricius or Apis mellifera 1. The Chinese honeybee has strong adaptability and is good at collecting scattered honey sources in the mountains. It has strong resistance to cockroaches; the disadvantage is that it is strong in beekeeping, spawning less, and easy to lick. Italian bee has good production performance, spawning more, is not easy to bee, strong group, strong collection, high yield of honey, gentle temperament; shortcomings are poor cold resistance and resistance, easy to produce stolen bees and crypts . Caucasian bee, strong body, strong acquisition and cold resistance; shortcomings are strong bee, less than the Italian bee. The Xinjiang region chooses the latter. Life habits of bees: Bees are insects of a group of cattle. The big family of bees usually consists of a queen bee, dozens to hundreds of drones and thousands to tens of thousands of worker bees.

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