Henan Multi-Sweet Beekeeping Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Raw Propolis Filtering Machine

    Raw Propolis Filtering Machine

    Raw propolis filtering machine for raw propolis filtering and mixing.Is a small, simple and cheap machine.Read More

  • Finger Joint Panel Making Machine

    Finger Joint Panel Making Machine

    This is a manual dovetail joint making machine,it's more convenient and cheaper than automatic machine.More suitable for small production.Read More

  • Honey Refractometer

    Honey Refractometer

    Professional refractometer widely used brix,honey,water.It's a tool for beekeepers to measure honey concentration.Read More

  • Solar Wax Melter

    Solar Wax Melter

    With the solar wax melter, you can load it up with your rinsed, raw wax, put it in the sun and then go attend to your other business.You will be left with pure bees wax in the collecting pan.Read More

  • Stainless Steel Wax Press

    Stainless Steel Wax Press

    To get beewax, we should use honey wax separator, it is used to separate the honey and wax, the machine use jack to drag the tray to squeeze up the honey and left the bee wax in the filter.Read More

  • Beekeeping Protective Jacket

    Beekeeping Protective Jacket

    Bee suits are used for protecting beekeepers from stinging by bees when they deal with bees.This jacket is cheaper and more convenience than suit.Read More

  • Child Bee Suit

    Child Bee Suit

    selected raw materials,produce carefully,standard size,100% manufacture child bee suitRead More

  • Langstroth Beehive

    Langstroth Beehive

    Langstroth beehive wooden bee hive 8 and 10 frames classic style for beekeeping. Multi-sweet's products are exported well to North America,Oceania and Europe.Read More

  • Australian Beehive

    Australian Beehive

    Australian beehive 8/10 frames national wooden for sale.
    You may be happy to find a new reliable factory of beekeeping equipment with superior quality and reasonable price.
    Read More

  • Flow Hive

    Flow Hive

    Automatic flow hive with 7 pcs frames popular in the world.
    Multi-sweet's product have the high quality and low price.You will love it.
    Read More

  • Top Bar Beehive

    Top Bar Beehive

    Top bar beehive 29 frames wooden bee hive national.
    It's very popular in Africa.Cheap and easy to use.
    Read More

  • Dadant Beehive

    Dadant Beehive

    Dadant beehive China fir wooden 2 layer bee hive.
    Dadant beehive is popular in Europe,10 frames beehive.
    Read More

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