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Beeswax Chemical Composition
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The main components of beeswax (beeswax) can be divided into four categories, namely esters, free acids, free alcohols and hydrocarbons. It also contains traces of volatile oils and pigments. Among the esters, there are Myricyl palmitate (about 80%, which is the main component of beeswax), Myricyl cerotate, Myrcyl hypogaeate, and free. Among the acids are Cerotic acid (about 15%), Lignoceric acid, Montanic acid, Melic ssic acid, Psyllic acid, groundnut. Hypogaeic acid, Neocerotic acid, purine acid; n-Octacosanol, Myricyl alcohol in free alcohol; pentadecane in hydrocarbons (Pentacosane), Heptacosane, Nonacosane, Hentriacontane and unsaturated beneline (Melene). The above is a summary. For example, the fatty acid contained may include an even carbon of an even carbon from C24 to C34, and the alcohol may include a primary alcohol of an even carbon from C24 to C34. The composition of the yellow and white beeswax is basically the same.

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