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Beeswax Ingredients
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Beeswax is a complex organic compound. The main components of beeswax are esters, fatty acids and sugars synthesized by higher fatty acids and monohydric alcohols. However, due to different bee species, honey-powder plants, and refining methods, the composition of the beeswax is also different.

(1) Ester

Fatty acid esters include monoesters and hydroxyesters in amounts ranging from 70% to 75%. Among the monoesters, there are 23% palmitol palmitol ester, 2% palmitate ester ester, 12% waxy beemel ester, and 12% pyrophoric acid beemelyl ester. Among the hydroxy esters, there are 8% to 9% of hydroxypalmitic acid wax esters, 9% to 9.5% of diesters, and 4% to 4.5% of esters.

(2) fatty acids

Free fatty acid content is 10%~15%; saturated fatty acid 9%~11%, including waxy acid 3.3%~4.4%, wood taric acid 1%~1.5%, bee acid and montanic acid 2%, and palmitic acid 1.3% ~1.5%, pyrogalllic acid 1.5%, etc.

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