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Beeswax Collection And Extraction
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The collection of beeswax is mostly completed in spring and autumn. By strengthening the management of the bee colony, the beekeepers will promote the waxing of the bees and build more spleen. Then they will use the spleen of the old nest for many years, the spleen built, the wax cover of the hive, the base and the cut honey. The honey cover is collected, and after manual extraction, the honey honeycomb is taken out and placed in a water pot to be heated and melted to remove impurities such as the upper layer of clothing, bee corpse, foam, etc., filtered while hot, and the beeswax is condensed. In a block, floating on the surface of the water, take out, that is, yellow wax. The yellow wax is then processed into a white wax by refining and decolorizing.

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