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When should I start my hive?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

    Honeybees are entirely behavior-dependent on the climate in which they live. Timing for beginning a hive will vary depending on your local climate and geography. Read widely and connect with local beekeepers and beekeeping groups specific to your area to learn how others have found success. 

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, the right time to start a hive is early spring between late March and early May. As the chance of frost lessens or stops, early flowers will appear, giving your bees the ability to collect nectar and pollen. We suggest using autumn and winter to do all of your research and planning.

   Demand for beehives and bees is on the rise, and often it will be too late to get started if you haven't secured a source for bees by January or February. Once spring arrives, you will want to be completely prepared for your bees to arrive with all of your equipment ready and your hive in place on your property. You will want to feel confident and versed about the task at hand!

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