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How to use the flexible silicone beeswax foundation machine
- Dec 04, 2018 -

If you buy our flexible silicone beeswax foundation machine.You can make beeswax foundation sheet at home easily. And only a small place is required.

Make sure the wax is heated to 125 °C ( 257 °F ) for 30 minutes to kill all bacteria and viruses, which is also how factories make their own foundations from wax.

It works best to pour the wax into the mould when it is at 80 – 90 °C, (176 – 194 °F). Leave it for 60 seconds to cool down then everything is done here. What you need to do is just cut the size, open the mould, and take out the beautiful beeswax foundation sheet.

Size for Langstroth sheet: 19.7 cm x 41.7 cm (7.72 x 16.34 inches),Cell size: 5.4 mm or 4.9 mm.


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