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The role of pollen and how to eat
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Known as “all natural nutritious food” due to its complete nutritional content, it has been highly sought after for its unique health care effects in recent years, especially in terms of enhancing immunity, beauty and anti-aging, etc. Let’s take a look at pollen The efficacy and function and how to eat it.

Pollen is known as a “micro-nutrition library” because of its comprehensive nutrition. Its main components are protein, carbohydrate, amino acid and lipid. The most representative components are amino acids, vitamins and biologically active substances.

Efficacy: enhance immunity, prevent anemia, slow down aging, protect the liver, prevent cancer, fight cancer, brain and beauty.

How to eat: use water to eat. Pollen is a pure natural nutrient. It can be ate directly with water (must be sterilized and clean pollen), or it can be evenly mixed with appropriate amount of honey.

Although pollen is a nutritious health care product, it does not mean that it can be taken in excess. At the same time, the pollen contains a certain amount of allergenic substances. Therefore, it is necessary to do an allergy test before eating pollen. It is best not to eat people who are allergic to pollen.

Note: We must eat pollen rationally and cannot use pollen instead of drugs to treat diseases.

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