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Mechanized beekeeping of China
- Jan 24, 2019 -

China has a long history of beekeeping , beekeeping supplies is a new law introduced by the beginning of this century the Italian bee species and the live frame beehive and rearing management technology began. 

Beekeeping equipment in mid-1980s, management tools, honey equipment, manufacturing machinery nest foundation, bee harvesting machinery and transport machinery applications are becoming increasingly prevalent. 

Management tools, the use of a surface mesh, spray smoke detectors, from the scraper, anti-sting gloves, bee brush, bee stool, cutting honey traps, buzzer, nest door claustrophobic device, Pirates of the bee prevention device, every king board, pollen interception device as well as grants and other feeding feeding. Equipment for honey, various forms of honey machine is Simple, small, etc. manually, there are some electric, some well-controlled device. Honey auxiliary equipment, the use of bee removal, cutting wax cover, cover processing tools such as wax and honey filtration devices and conveying equipment - a honey pump. Septum manufacturing equipment, there are a variety used in production. 1978, made the first domestic electronics manufacturing machine tools CNC machine nest foundation, engraving process fully automated, but not widely promoted. Septum manufacturing mechanization level is still very low, mainly because there is no dedicated staff and promote the use of units of the organization. 

Except for a few beekeeping given to rearing, feeding mostly turn to in order to chase wins honey flower. There used to transport bees turn to private cars, mobile Fangfeng vehicles, transporting bees for pollination platform trucks and other vehicles and mobile honey special vehicles. 1983, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute developed beekeeping bees turn to medium-sized private transport vehicles, has been extended more than 800 vehicles, with good results in the beekeeping season also doubles as other aspects of the transport vehicles. 

Bee harvesting equipment, the use of cutting honey capping machine, sub-machine honey, royal jelly suction, centrifugal separators, beeswax squeezer, melting wax, pollen interception device, gum box, from the scraper, electric take venom and so on. 

The main bee products processing equipment, a mezzanine stirring the pot (warm-up), sedimentation tank, sealed filter plate condenser (heating and cooling), thin-film evaporator, vapor-liquid separator, metering pumps, gear honey pumps, vacuum pumps and dispensing machines and so on. Chinese bee products processing, has a complete set of equipment. However, the accuracy of the equipment, process monitoring and self-control, etc., there is still a gap compared with advanced equipment. 

China's special breeding industry, are all aspects of extensive development. In addition to the foregoing, there are rabbit, deer, mink, and other special animal husbandry. These small-scale farming, mechanization level is low, but high cost of absorbing surplus labor in rural areas, improve the rural economic income, is important.

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