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Bee pollen species
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The types of bee pollen are mainly distinguished by the source of the honey source, such as tea pollen, oil (oil food), and vegetable pollen. There are many kinds of powdery plants in China, but most of them are flowering. The pollen collected by the bees is only enough for the bees to breed themselves. It cannot be provided as commercial pollen. Only a few flowers can be collected, and the bees can collect a large amount of pollen. The bee can only collect bee pollen. In China, there are more than a dozen bee pollen (bee pollen foods), which are described below:

Rape pollen

In addition to Tibet, there are production throughout the country. Rape pollen is the largest bee pollen in China. It is yellow, has a special green scent and is very rich in flavor.

2. Corn pollen

The main producing areas are Central China, East China, North China, Northeast China and Northwest China. The pollen pellets are small, pale yellow, micro-striped, and have a lighter taste.

3. Camellia powder

The main producing areas are East China and Yunnan. Orange-yellow, fragrant, slightly sweet and delicious.

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