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Basic beekeeping equipment needed to raise bees
- Nov 06, 2018 -

In addition to the beehives, there are also frame foundations, honey extractor, beekeeping suits, hive tools, bee brushs, queen excluders, and bee smokers. The commonly used beekeeping tools, introduction, pictures are as follows:

1. Beehive: Beehive is one of the most important and basic tools in the bee breeding industry. The beehive is the home of the bee, the nesting honey, the bee king spawning and the breeding ground. The material of the beehive is made of fine wood (with China fir wood , Pinus sylvestris), can withstand the wind and sun.


as shown in the figure:This is the most commonly used standard beehive (Langstroth beehive), of course, it is also possible to raise other varieties of bees.

2. Beehive frame and foundation sheet: The wooden frame carrying the bee spleen is generally used in the beehive frame, and the hive frame is usually used to pull the wire to fix the foundation. The foundation is the key to making the bee spleen. The foundation sheet is installed on the hive frame, and the bee will make the nest spleen faster and more tidy.

beehive frame and foundation

Nowadays, the new plastic frame and foundation sheet is also very popular, it is easier to clean and can be reused.

3. Beekeeper protection clothing: Every day when you are managing a bee, you need to wear a beekeeping suit to cover your head and body, and protect the operator from the bee stings.


Novice beekeepers preferably have a beekeeper protection clothing kit(bee suit + bee cap + gloves).

4. Honey extractor: In the breeding of bees, the honey extractor is also one of the most commonly used tools, because this equipment is an important tool for breeding honey. It can separate the honey in the spleen into the barrel of the honey extractor by the action of centrifugal force. 


The material of the honey extractor sold on the market is different. There are plastic and stainless steel honey extractor.And have 2/3/4/6/8/12/20/24 frames. Everyone buys the corresponding thing according to the amount of farming.

5. Hive tool: Among the common tools used for beekeeping is a tool called a scraper that opens the beehive cover and picks up the honeycomb frame, as well as an important tool for cleaning the bottom of the beehive.


6. Queen excluder: Queen excluder is a special tool used to limit the queen's spawning. Using the difference between the size of the queen bee and the worker bee, the width of the barrier is designed to be between the queen bee and the worker bee, so that the worker bee can pass freely, and the activity of the queen bee is limited. The queen is restricted to lay eggs in a certain area of the beehive, and the honeycomb is divided into a spawning area and a honey storage area.


7. Bee smoker: When they take honey, the bees are very fierce. They like to hurt the beekeepers. But the bees are afraid of smog.When they spray the bees with a cigarette sprayer, the bees will fly very far and will not hurt people.

bee smoker

8. Honey strainer: After shaking the honey with a honey extractor, there are often some beeswax, bees and the like in the honey extractor. When the honey is introduced into the honey bucket, the impurities are filtered out by the strainer. It is best to buy a special strainer, the net is denser, and it can better filter the impurities in the honey.


These are the most basic tools for beekeeping. According to the size and production of the apiary, other beekeeping tools such as royal jelly and bee pollen can be purchased as needed.

We will introduce other tools in the next issue and look forward to your continued attention.

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